I was born and raised in Plano, TX, where I led a pretty quiet life until I graduated from high school in May 2015.  Currently, I'm a senior public relations major with an International Area Studies minor at the Univeristy of Oklahoma. During my time at OU I've developed an amatuer graphic design skill set, an affinity for cooking & travelling, a love for the Itallian country-side, a bigger waistband and a heart for animal welfare. 

Even though college has taught me a lot, I know I'm barely scratching the surface and my bucketlist definitely reflects that. 



Video games have had such a profound impact on my life through the friendships that I've had & made, the worlds that I've explored and stories that I've heard and shared. Gamers are an incredbily passionate group of people, for they truly care about the content that they consume: characters, weapons, teams,etc. In the same vein, the development teams are all passionate people who have a story to tell and have the determination to deliver it. When these groups understand one another, it's truly something special.

I want to help create and maintain these relationships. I want to share the stories on both sides of the game. I want to develop a mutual understanding between both of these groups.